Jonathan Ohcamac (setm_ctrll) wrote,
Jonathan Ohcamac

A cautionary tale.

During the past 4 months, I began using my left hand, a LOT more. In order to suppress, some painful present-day memories (well . . . 2013/late ) which were so intense, that merely touching something with the fingertips of my right hand, or holding something in my right hand, was enough to unintentionally, recall them. Eventually, after 4 months of using my left hand, as an unexpected bonus (which was extremely scary for about a week), I got some extremely vivid childhood memories, some over 10 years old, recalled clearly. WEIRD, and initially, a little scary.

Now, for a cautionary tale.

A few years ago, I was taken to newton-wellesley hospital, their locked-room, no-exit, psychiatric ward.

I didn't remember how I had gotten in here; but did remember at least three other facts.

  • "the earth was without form, and void" (from the bible)
  • "anime would make a lot more sense in lower gravity" (from watching anime)
  • "the gravitation within a uniform spherical shell, is zero" (from math and physics textbooks)

So, I concluded,

  • "The earth is a thin spherical shell, and an anime-like world exists within. Now, if I only I could reach it."

And, I tried to flush myself down the toilet, several dozen times. Didn't work, any time. Only once, did I get into any trouble for this behaviour. None of the staff at the hospital, bothered to verbally explain, that the earth is solid.

In conclusion, teach your kids atheism.

Yeah, being an atheist is occassionally really super lonely; because its' impossible to go to church anymore. But; the combination of those three facts, once got me into severe trouble. It's not possible to protect your children from anime. It's not possible to protect your children from math and physics textbooks. Those are just too common, too easy for young, immature, children to acquire on their own.

But, it might be possible to repeatedly explain that the first few lines of the first page of the bible, are a work of FICTION. That only someone who wants to become labeled a crazy schizophrenic idiot, would believe that the first few lines, of the first page of the bible, is true.

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