June 25th, 2014

02014/06/25 (localtime) // (emitlacol) 52/60/41020

Hello, and, if you can hear this, welcome to levels 76 - 80 // 08 - 67 slevel ot emoclew ,siht raeh nac uoy fi ,dna ,olleH
This is your captain speaking. // .gnikaeps niatpac ruoy si sihT

Within this ship, I'm the closest to having reached // dehcaer gnivah ot tsesolc eht m'I ,pihs siht nihtiW
the center, the closest to having removed my heart // traeh ym devomer gnivah ot tsesolc eht ,retnec eht
from my chest by turning myself inside-out like a dirty // ytrid a ekil tuo-edisni flesym gninrut yb tsehc ym morf
sock, the one closest to having removed my brain from // morf niarb ym devomer gnivah ot tsesolc eno eht ,kcos
my skull solely by relying upon computers for external // lanretxe rof sretupmoc nopu gniyler yb ylelos lluks ym
memory a lot, and the man with the dirtiest feet. // .teef tseitrid eht htiw nam eht dna ,tol a yromem

But, levels 76 - 80, can't possibly be all that there is. // .si ereht taht lla eb ylbissop t'nac ,08 - 67 slevel ,tuB

Where is the true, original, irreplacable, japan ? // ? napaj ,elbacalperri ,lanigiro ,eurt eht si erehW

--- Am I posting while drunk? Does it matter ? // ? rettam ti seoD ?knurd elihw gnitsop I mA --