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Hello, and, if you can hear this, welcome to levels 76 - 80 // 08 - 67 slevel ot emoclew ,siht raeh nac uoy fi ,dna ,olleH
This is your captain speaking. // .gnikaeps niatpac ruoy si sihT

Within this ship, I'm the closest to having reached // dehcaer gnivah ot tsesolc eht m'I ,pihs siht nihtiW
the center, the closest to having removed my heart // traeh ym devomer gnivah ot tsesolc eht ,retnec eht
from my chest by turning myself inside-out like a dirty // ytrid a ekil tuo-edisni flesym gninrut yb tsehc ym morf
sock, the one closest to having removed my brain from // morf niarb ym devomer gnivah ot tsesolc eno eht ,kcos
my skull solely by relying upon computers for external // lanretxe rof sretupmoc nopu gniyler yb ylelos lluks ym
memory a lot, and the man with the dirtiest feet. // .teef tseitrid eht htiw nam eht dna ,tol a yromem

But, levels 76 - 80, can't possibly be all that there is. // .si ereht taht lla eb ylbissop t'nac ,08 - 67 slevel ,tuB

Where is the true, original, irreplacable, japan ? // ? napaj ,elbacalperri ,lanigiro ,eurt eht si erehW

--- Am I posting while drunk? Does it matter ? // ? rettam ti seoD ?knurd elihw gnitsop I mA --

A simple puzzle

A simple puzzle.

What is the meaning of

  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • macadamia nut chocolate brownies
  • parmalot milk
  • beef jerky
  • wakame
  • miso soup
being capable of coexisting at the same table ?

Fun stuff to read

  • Ender's Game, by Orsenn Scott Card
  • The dragonriders of pern (original trilogy) by Anne McCaffrey
  • A stainless steel rat is born, by Harry Harison
  • So long, and thanks for all the fish, by Douglas Adams

Still don't get it?

Tomorrow, love a stranger from Somali or Taiwan.

A cautionary tale.

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Now, for a cautionary tale.

A few years ago, I was taken to newton-wellesley hospital, their locked-room, no-exit, psychiatric ward.

I didn't remember how I had gotten in here; but did remember at least three other facts.

  • "the earth was without form, and void" (from the bible)
  • "anime would make a lot more sense in lower gravity" (from watching anime)
  • "the gravitation within a uniform spherical shell, is zero" (from math and physics textbooks)

So, I concluded,

  • "The earth is a thin spherical shell, and an anime-like world exists within. Now, if I only I could reach it."

And, I tried to flush myself down the toilet, several dozen times. Didn't work, any time. Only once, did I get into any trouble for this behaviour. None of the staff at the hospital, bothered to verbally explain, that the earth is solid.

In conclusion, teach your kids atheism.

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From Jim Kerr:
Steering columns are designed to retract during an impact by shearing some plastic pins and allowing the outer column tube to slide down the inner tube. This often happens when the driver impacts the steering wheel. To further reduce the possibility of injury, Volvo's S40 uses a pyrotechnic charge to pull the steering column away from the driver.

With 140 millimetres of travel, the steering wheel can be moved away before the driver hits it, reducing upper body injuries. Sensors in the driver's seat monitor seat position in relationship to the steering wheel and sophisticated software activates the charge to retract the steering column only when necessary. Every collision and every driver is unique. The system is designed to react differently for each situation.

ouch - VLC on win98

After getting annoyed with windows 98 for not supporting submenus in vlc, I noticed that nearly everything that can be done with submenus can also be done by right clicking on the video, gimp style, which does work on win98. Ouch.
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Another tiny perl script

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
if ($#ARGV < 0){
    print STDERR "Usage:  | $0 \n";
    print "@ARGV$_";

I used it for background 'tail -f bochsout.txt | prefix "bochsout: "'


I wrote this after having an application quit when I closed the terminal window that it was launched from.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
if ( $P == 0){
    exec "@ARGV";

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screws need to be removed to get the base off my laptop. 6 of these have funny hollow hex heads.